Linux Part 2 | Installation

• Manual and Automatic Installation methods for the Linux OS


•  Remove existing partitions, linux partions, or do not remove anything.

•  Create partition Drives:

    /boot - 100MB - Not part of LVM - (kernel)
    / - root
    /swap - 2x RAM

• Use LVM - Used to adjust the size of the partions on the fly.

•  Option for GRUB Loader Password

•  Configure Network - DHCP IP/DNS

•  Set Firewall - SELinux(Securing files& applications)

•  Select TimeZone

•  Set Root Password

•  Choose Packages to Install

•  Install Packages

•  License Agreement

•  Set Date & Time

•  Set Display, Resolution, and Color

•  Adding Users

•  Finish Setup


•  Switch to different console Ctrl+Alt+F<1-7>
•  To swtich to X - Windows, Press Ctrl+Alt+F7
•  To see the number of current Packages installed wc -l /var/log/rpmpkgs
•  Another way to see the number of current Packages installed rpm -qa | wc -l
•  Packages installed after installation cat /root/install.log


•  File to modify: /root/anaconda-ks.cfg
•  A GUI to setup the parameters for the auto-install system-config-kickstart
•  You can specify the ks location Ex. ks=floppy